Custom Manufacturing

Custom Air Freshener Manufacturing with JEES

Do you have a vision for a completely new air freshener that doesn't yet exist on the market? With JEES, you have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life and introduce something entirely new and revolutionary. Our custom air freshener manufacturing allows you, together with our team of experts, to create a product exactly to your specifications and under your own brand.

Why choose custom manufacturing with JEES?


Together, we develop innovative products that can change the game in the air freshener market. Your vision is our priority


We are flexible and adapt to your needs and requirements. Your ideas and demands are crucial to us.


With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are ready to provide you with expert advice and support at every stage of the development of your custom product.

Why choose custom manufacturing with JEES?

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How does the custom manufacturing process work?

Design and Conceptualization

Together, we define your goals and ideas for the new product. We discuss scent options, packaging design, and other important elements.

Development and Testing

Our teams embark on developing and testing the new product to ensure its quality and effectiveness.


Upon approval of the final design, we move into the production phase, where our modern manufacturing infrastructure guarantees high-quality results.

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